Gospodaria Lui Nea’ Ion

The location is 45 km from Brasov and it is surrounded by a thick forest that offers fresh air and silence but also the possibility to see the surroundings with interesting objectives to visit.

The house consists of two locations, arranged with old but well-maintained furniture, peasant carpets, showcases full of authentic old Romanian items (icons, old books, ceramics, folk costumes, old carpets and old fabrics) from all over the country.

The location has 14-16 accommodation places and is composed of:

Large house with paintings: two double rooms and two family apartments (2 adults + 2 children) with private bathroom. The house has a lobby, a fully equipped kitchen and a dining room.

The old house “Odaile bunicului Ion”, which has 2 double rooms with shared bathroom, offers accommodation for 4 people.

In the courtyard of the household there is a large gazebo with fireplace, another one with grills and oven, a covered hearth, 1.5 m deep in the ground for campfire. It is an ideal place for some boiled wine and storytelling with friends, a gazebo with ciubar/two handled tub (Szekler Jacuzzi) – a place for a moment of relaxation with a glass of wine in your hand in a bath with salty and warm water.


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